Cheering For My Superman - Training & Running in a Marathon

Waiting for the event to start in the pavillion
The bedroom is still dark as he quietly gets out of bed, putting on a pair of sweats and a workout shirt. He gives me a kiss on the cheek while I continue to sleep. 3:00 AM is early and while the world is still asleep at this hour, he exits our home, locking the door behind him as he escapes into the night air.

The song birds are not awake, there are no cars on the road, no dogs barking or others out. It's just him, as he turns on his headphones and runs to the beat. He is already succeeding in his first goal of the day.

His watch alerts him on each kilometer completed and he decides which street to run down next. He's a warrior, a superman that no one knows about but me. His watch alerts him on five kilometers he smiles, and picks up his pace.

Around another corner and through an empty park, his feet carry him and his shoes make light thumps on the ground. Six, seven, eight and nine, beads of sweat are running down his temples, his shirt is damp and he knows a little bit further and then he will be done. Ten kilometers and he breaks into a brisk walk. His goal is reached and boy is he looking forward to his hot shower.

He enters through the front door of our home. The house is still quiet and he descends the stairs and takes a shower in the basement bathroom. when he shuts off the water to the shower is when my alarm goes off.

My superman has been doing this since the spring and now we are well into fall. He runs to stay fit and to push himself and for the most part he goes out on his own. He never planned to run in a marathon but when he was asked by his boss recently for a work fundraising event he kindly accepted.

Starting the run. He is the one sporting the backwards hat
The marathon was happening two weeks later. During that time his boss rallied peers to donate, friends and family chipped in and my superman made sure to keep at his running routine in order to prepare for the big day.

This was his first time participating in a marathon and the evening before the big event we decided to pick some new running attire for him. When I say we I really mean me. I insisted and he gave in.

We stopped in at a nearby Walmart and I dashed to the men's section, picking out shirts and shorts with flashy colors and logos. I wanted him to look great and stand out but truth be told flashy colors and logos are not him. I held them up for him to see and each choice he shook his head "no". He was ready to give up when I found something a little less flashy and more his style. I got my nod.
Hog's Back Falls in Ottawa, Canada

The morning of the event my superman was up early this time not to run but to pack his clothing, food and water for the day. We had breakfast together got dressed and drove to work. Noon hour approached and I drove to his work to get him. He got in the passenger side with a smile on his face. While we drove to the park where the marathon was being held he striped down, out of his office attire and into his new running clothes.

We park the car and as we walk to the pavilion near the starting line, the crowd gets bigger and louder. There are runners dressed in flashy bright colors, some wearing costumes, too-toos', others are in colored wigs but to me my guy stands out.

He takes his mark and the flag barer waves to start the run and I stand by the sidelines cheering him on while snapping a few pictures as he moves with agility and ease down the path. My Superman is on his own now, running with the pact and challenging his personal best. I know he will do well and so I now wait for him.
Lovers locks where the keys have been thrown into the falls

This event is being held at Hog's Back in Ottawa and so I take a walk around and snap some pictures of the water falls. On the other side of the falls, I spot stairs with a black fence. Along the black fence there are locks fastened to it. Some have initials, others have engravings. These are lovers locks to symbolize unbreakable love where they fasten the lock and throw away the key into the falls. I snap a few pictures of them. Some are rusty but all are beautiful.

It's time to make my way back up to the event. I know my guy is making his way back and I find a spot near the end of the route to cheer him on in his final stretch.

At the start line
 I spot him in the distance, among the runners in flashy clothing and costumes. My super hero stands out and looks great. His pace is still steady and strong only now he is drenched in sweat but that doesn't slow him. He pushes on. I wave and call out but I don't have to because he already sees me. I'm his cheerleader and I see the spark in his eyes as he pushes on thru to the finish.

He did it, a first and personal best for him. He's tired but happy with himself. Watching him train and finally getting to do this is inspiring. He is unbreakable.

The event took place earlier this month and his drive and focus inspired me to write about it and share. He is my Superman, my husband.

About the Author: C.R. Misty is currently writing a romance trilogy. Her books are available online at Kindle, Nook, Kobo, ibook, inktera, OverDrive, Amazon & Createspace


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