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Cheering For My Superman - Training & Running in a Marathon

The bedroom is still dark as he quietly gets out of bed, putting on a pair of sweats and a workout shirt. He gives me a kiss on the cheek while I continue to sleep. 3:00 AM is early and while the world is still asleep at this hour, he exits our home, locking the door behind him as he escapes into the night air.
The song birds are not awake, there are no cars on the road, no dogs barking or others out. It's just him, as he turns on his headphones and runs to the beat. He is already succeeding in his first goal of the day.
His watch alerts him on each kilometer completed and he decides which street to run down next. He's a warrior, a superman that no one knows about but me. His watch alerts him on five kilometers he smiles, and picks up his pace.
Around another corner and through an empty park, his feet carry him and his shoes make light thumps on the ground. Six, seven, eight and nine, beads of sweat are running down his temples, his shirt is damp and he knows a little bit fur…

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